Careers at NZCC


Working at NZCC you will become part of a diverse team of experienced and committed people whose mission is todevelop a learning community that challenges students to realise their greatest potential.

You will work in a friendly environment that supports individual and cultural differences and embraces diversity.

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Work at NZCC

Professional Development

NZCC is committed to the continuous education of its employees and offers ongoing professional development to its staff both through internal and external workshops and supporting staff who are completing further studies. 

Work-life Balance

At NZCC we recognise the importance of achieving a work-life balance and have therefore created fantastic flexible working and study leave policies to support our staff. Depending on your role we can offer such options as flexible hours, or part-time work and paid time off to complete further education.


At NZCC we recognise the importance of keeping everyone energised and healthy by offering a healthy choice for snacking at work. Each Campus has fresh fruit for all staff to enjoy. If you need extra support you can access professional counselling and support for those times when you need it.

Reward and Recognition Programme

At NZCC, we recognise that the collective efforts of all staff members contribute to the overall mission of the College and that we should encourage opportunities for those efforts to be acknowledged.

At NZCC we run the following Reward and Recognition programmes:

Long Service Award

NZCC currently recognises those staff who have completed five years with NZCC by issuing them with additional leave.  Upon completion of five years current continuous service, you will begin to accrue annual holidays at the rate of five weeks per annum and will become entitled to five weeks annual holiday per annum upon the completion of the 6th year and each subsequent year.

Refer a Friend

We’re always looking for great people to join the NZCC team and our staff know more than anyone what it takes to make a difference here. So we have created a scheme in which staff can refer others for available roles and if they’re successful in getting the job, you will get $250!

End of year NZCC National Awards

At the end of each calendar year, NZCC recognises staff achievements through an award ceremony held at the annual Christmas party. 

Categories include: Tutorial Excellence AwardLecturer Excellence AwardAcademic Leadership AwardSpecial Contribution to NZCCManagement AwardAdministrator AwardCampus Award and the People’s Choice Award.         

Some category winners are decided through nomination and others are decided by NZCC Management. Each winner receives a certificate or trophy along with an award such as a voucher or hamper.